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Renovation on a Budget Video Commercial

This video was created and produced in Boston. It talks about the type of renovations people should tackle on their own like painting, easy remodeling jobs and anything that does not require a licence.

When it comes to licensed jobs, talk to professional to make sure the job is done according to code and that your in compliance with local laws and insurance requirements.

Also, the video explains how to avoid doing any structural work unless you are versed in the subject and you carry the proper licenses.

Also, explained in the video are some tips on how the low cost of paint, door hardware, light fixtures and updating the hardware on cabinetry can improve your home value and provide a great ROI.

Changing  The Appliances For Big Returns

Many potential home buyers do not want to go through the trouble of shopping for new appliances so having great looking appliances already in place will make your asking price more attractive.

That includes odd appliances like central vacs, central air units, garage door opener, home security systems as well as washer, dryer and kitchen wares.

To create a similar video for your project, please contact Chris Teebo Films at Ice Rain Studio. Professional Videographer in Boston, Ma.